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1. Plugin Error Codes

We have built our Applymetrics plugin to be super simple to integrate and get working on your site. But from time to time we all run into some errors. As a result we have tried to make Applymetrics error handling very simple. 

If the plugin is not working please check your browser console for any errors. If you see the following error code then please read the explanation and look at our suggested solution. 

  • Error 100 - cannot access apikeys: The plugin script cannot access the Applymetrics backend. Suggested solution: Check that there is network connectivity.
  • Error 101 - API Key contract not active: The API key that is defined in the plugin code is not an active API key. Suggested Solution: Check that your contact with Applymetrics is valid.
  • Error 102 - signin error: The plugin cannot access the LinkedIn signin. Suggested Solution: check that you have entered the correct API key/secret pair
  • Error 103 - callback error: The plugin cannot access the Applymetrics backend to route the application. Suggested solution: Check that there is network connectivity  

If you are experiencing any other errors please contact our support by raising a support ticket


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