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5. Configuring apply score in your applications

The purpose of this article is to illustrate how to configure the Apply score for applicants.

Apply score:

The Apply score is a way that you can give a "quality" score to all your applicants for a job. The apply score can be used to filter applicants so that you and your recruiting team only need to review the best applicants for your jobs.

The Apply score is contained in the subject line of the email that Applymetrics sends to the nonimated email in the "data-email" parameter. As shown in figure 1. The apply score is shown in brackets (e.g. [10]).

Figure 1: Email subject line showing an Apply Score of 10 in brackets




How is the apply score calculated? 


The apply score is calculated by firstly looking at the application details returned by the Apply plugin after the applicant applies. Then we look at the requirements provided in your plugin configuration. And finally we apply a weighting to calculate the apply score.




Configuring the requirements in the Apply Plugin: 


If you want to use the Apply score functionality, you will need to provide your requirements in the plugin configuration. 

  • data-location is used to identify the country or countries that you want to match. Example data-location="au" means we are looking for a candidate from Australia. It is possible to also exclude countries by using the "!" notation. Example data-location="!ie" means no-one from Ireland.
  • data-industry is used to identify the industry or industries that you want to match. Example data-industry="Internet"  means we are looking for a candidate from the Internet industry. It is possible to also exclude industries by using the "!" notation. Example data-industry="!tech" means no-one from tech.



Configuring the Apply score weightings: 

You may want to adjist the weThe Apply score weightings can be configured in the console dashboard under the settings option.

Figure 2: Apply score weighting




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